How To Recover Deleted Photos,Videos, And Files On All Android Devices Using DiskDigger

hey guys what’s up it’s andrew critics manager critics calm and in this video be showing you the greatest Android app of all time and it goes by the name of disk digger now basically with disk digger what it allows you to do is recover all your deleted photos videos and files on your Android device now simply the best Android app of all time it’s highly acclaimed it has a lot of positive feedback and praise as being the best Android app so in this video I’ll be sharing it with you now there’s one major thing that you have to do in order for distich to work and that is you have to be rooted if you’re not rooted it will not work and it’s just as simple as that also just be sure to also check out the link down below and it’ll be a full written tutorial of this sticker and it’ll help you out tremendously so without further ado let’s get straight on into this video so basically just going to the Play Store and then once you go to the Play Store you’re going to search for the following and that is disc digger right there and once you go into this digger you’ll see it right here and once again it does have read in the title just gonna go ahead and hit confirm and install and once you do that you can go ahead and open it but first before that I’m gonna go ahead and just take a picture and show how this digger works so if I go to the camera app right here for example and I take a picture right here of this box that I have so right here and you can see the picture right here so I can go ahead and delete that picture just like so and one item will be deleted and it can just hit delete and you can see if I go to my last picture you can see that it’s gone and it is deleted so now if I go into this bigger so here is disk digger it’s right here so you have data which is your internal storage your SD card if you have one you have your men secure system cache preload EFS so that picture was taken on my SD card and will be deleted there but if you don’t have an SD card you can find that deleted picture I in your internal eye stuff I go to SD card right here and tap on it I’ll basically go through the following so if you take a closer look it says what types of files would you like to search for so your images your videos I can search for your music and your documents that you delete and much more so we’ll just do pictures for this example and then we’ll just hit OK and here’s the following so you can see right here this is the picture we just took and it’s already recovering it also you can see the progress are here so it’s scanning and it found two files so far and you have it right here so if we press on this it’ll recover or I can upload selected files to FTP and save selected files locally and then you have this the settings right here so we can change it up a little bit so you have list thumbnail size minimum file size minimum file date minimal file date again for photos and then you have district year which is a select bell unselect all and about I so we’ll just go ahead and wait for it to do its magic and it’s 5% in and now if you take a look at it you can see there’s a photo right there and if you press on the three little dots you can see the file details you can upload this file to FTP and save this file locally or you could just check it all right and when you press check it you can just press on the Save button and it can just save this selected file locally for example and you can save it into one of your folders or what you can do is save it and press on recover selected files right there and then can I have it sent by bluetooth email Gmail quick connect Wi-Fi direct and much more I stuff we send it to Gmail you can see that photo will be right there and you can see everything about it and it can basically send it and you can see that file right there and you can easily download it I you have it right there and that is basically what you can do a disk digger so that is this digger it’s hands-down the best Android app of all time I and one of the most useful and much needed apps of all time so please be sure to subscribe like this video please smash I like it better down below so now you watch also check out our critics conflation hundred news used more and be sure to check out all my other videos on my channel be sure to LIKE my facebook fan page at so Sandra critics and be sure to click the link down below to that goes to energy critics calm and is written tutorial and thanks for watching

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