Professional Data Recovery Software

hey guys in this video I want to show you how you can quickly recover your files from your hard drive maybe you delete them by accident or like me you reformatted your whole computer and then you realize that everything that you tried to save did not save I went out and I bought several programs from local store software tools and none of them worked so I wasted a whole lot of money because they obviously would not take the software back so I was kind of stuck with those and I went online and I did find a very cool tool that allowed me to search my hard drive and it would show me the files that it could recover before I would pay for it and I thought that was that was something I should have done in the first place so if you want to go to WWF my files net and on this page it shows you a couple screenshots of the software and what it looks like you can read more about it but there’s a free download you can download it free to your computer and you can run it and it will show you exactly the files that it can recover from your hard drive before you decide to purchase it to actually recover the files so once you download it you’ll get an icon it looks like this it says launch data recovery ok and this is what it looks like now I haven’t tried these features here I went straight to the advanced search and I saw where you could you know where it would check not just your hard drive but I also have an external hard drive and I have a USB drive and I also have a memory card for my phone and it will search through all those and if any of those are damaged if you’ve deleted files if it’s been formatted it will go in there and show you the files that it can recover from any of those now one thing you do have to remember is if you do format your hard drive those previous files that were on your hard drive are still there but they can be overwritten there’s nothing to protect them from not being overwritten so if you’re downloading stuff on your computer adding new things your computer there’s a good possibility that the new things may be overwriting the old things on your file the old things on your hard drive so you want to make sure that you try to get this done as soon as you can so you don’t lose any more files if you’ve if you’ve been doing that so the original scan lets you do a quick scan of your computer and devices that are attached to it you can even do a search for a specific file that it will search for you can do a full scan and it will search for anything connected to your computer the guided scan I actually never done that so I’m not sure it says guide you through the selection of file or email recovery but like I said I went to advanced and I unchecked everything except my C Drive which is what I formatted and I left these boxes check marked for the recycle bin files without names corrupt hard drive sectors and reformatted partitions and I clicked start scan and it works very fast you see up here it’s already found one hundred and eighty previous files two hundred three hundred and it keeps going on and on and it also organizes them very neatly into individual sections here images documents audio video text HTML compress files folders binary files and other files and you can view everything before you ever decide to recover it and you can choose the things you want to recover and the things you don’t want to recover and so it says it’s found a thousand fifty nine things so far and it’ll keep going on and on until finds everything and now once you’re done I’m just going to go and click cancel it’s going to show you everything that it found and then it’s going to tell you down here the file recovery location right now mine set to my desktop in a folder recovery items and I can change that if I want and then I just click recover whoops we got to go I’m gonna select I just select images and I’ll click recover and it’s going to go and it’s going to start recovering all those files that’s all my hard drive that I’ve found so super super easy way excuse me if you have accidentally deleted your files on your hard drive if your hard drive is crashed if you reformatted your hard drive this software there’s it’s most likely going to also be able to find all those files for you to so like I said the website is saved my files net and you go there and download the free trial not really a free trial but I guess you know it’s a version that you can at least test and see if it can recover your files before you decide to purchase it so there you have it and I hope that helps