Best Photo Recovery Software

hello today I will show you how to recover files from a corrupted media deleted file so formatted for media using dis doctors photo recovery software for our demonstration I have here a 2 gigabyte USB stick I will show you that it has some pictures in here and I will for the purpose of this demonstration I will format it you go format it that could happen accidentally or mistakenly let’s see if those pictures are then now the folder is empty so let’s try using the disk doctors for recovery software to see if I could get those back and I’ll use that draft option and we’ll pull up everything that’s attached to your computer and you know case of demonstration I have my F Drive which is the USB stick and click on that click Next if you’ve lost the petition you don’t see it any of my computer you can always choose disc 2 or it will recognize any media that’s attached to it so in our case we know it’s attached only it’s formatted I will you choose that click Next and the types of files you’ll be looking for when I’ll click I’ll leave all of them in there as intact and just click Next and now wait for it to finish it’s gonna take about seven to eight minutes and we’ll come back for this and we are back with nine seconds remaining for our recovery to be completed let’s see if it found all my files no Cain found 13 jpx 4m p m4 and forays and left music files I got 5 movies in there as well well I got more than I bargained for here and I’m going to recover all of these things you can’t recover it back onto the media that you are extracting from so in our case I’ll be putting the whole root folder on our desktop for the demonstration and click next after that after I’ve selected it Desktop there and okay be safe and creates s folder on my desktop called photo recovery him let’s open it up and see how much I got in there well these the pictures that I’ve lost plus I got something else that I’ve probably deleted earlier or lost them and actually recovered those as well we’ve got some music fafa Elvis Presley they’re probably deleted earlier okay have a nice day off my back you

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