5 Best Free Data Recovery Software For Windows/SD Cards/USB/External Hard Drive/iPhone

losing data is a general problem most of the PC smartphone and other device users often face those days are gone when we had to call to an expert data recovery technician to recover lost day – thanks to genius programmers who design data recovery programs which come handy in this terrible situation there are tons of useful program are available out there to recover lost data yes you are right we have to spend some bucks to use such software if you are one of those who cannot afford to buy a paid data recovery software then you do not need to be disappointed because there are several well known software available on the internet and I’ve compiled a list of five free data recovery software for Windows users which helps you choose a software that suits and fulfill your requirements piriform comm is best known for its very popular product ccleaner and they also offer a freeware data recovery program called at Coover and it deserves to be on the top of this list recuva is available in freeware and paid version in freeware version they offer no support if you face any problem in spite of its paid version its freeware version is still very effective and a working solution to get back your lost data in no time during my test I found Recuva or very easy to use and truly user friendly while scanning C Drive it consume 185 megabytes of RAM I am able to suggest you choose this free data recovery software it did not freeze or crash Clarie undelete is designed by glory soft calm is another one of the famous and effective programs to recover lost data its interface is a replica of Windows Explorer that makes recovering lost day – easier you can toggle between folder and file types you don’t need to dig into a heap of files to recover your targeted file or folder filter option makes things more easier you can search data by file folder name size date and state by using it it remain very lightweight throughout the test and consume 95 megabytes of RAM and did not freeze or crash the good thing about blurry undelete is that it is totally free no paid version wise data recovery is another impressive free data recovery program for Windows users in the first place you may say about it that it has very less facilities than aforementioned free data recovery solutions but it is not true I select D Drive to be scanned and after scanning I found nothing but when I selected a folder it successfully recovered what I want to recover its interface is very easy to use and I found it very lightweight on system resources it consumed 12 megabytes of RAM although it is free to use but you get the email help facility by spending $10 per year undelete 360 is available in both free and paid versions though free version has some limitations for an example you can not use filter option you will have to buy the paid version but I found it good and it managed to recover what I want – its interface is easy to use and truly straightforward I found it a lightweight piece of software it consumed 20 megabytes of RAM and did not freeze or crash while testing it pandora recovery is another free data recovery solution this software has very easy to use but very simple interface this program is totally free to use and remain very lightweight on system resources and it consume 50 megabytes of RAM throughout the test but it could not satisfy me it could not find those files that recover wise data recovery undelete 360 angular ii undelete successfully recovered i also tested easier state a recovery wizard and pc inspector file recovery with the easiest data recovery wizard is actually a trial it allows you to recover only one gigabyte of data while pc inspector file recovery ruined my pc and web browser by installing it wherein altering some important settings therefore i would like to suggest you stay away from pc inspector file recovery the best thing of out all mentioned software are safe to use and free of malware viruses and other security threats and available for all Microsoft Windows versions

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